About Design Crasher 3D

Get ready to be inspired, build and create beautiful interior designs and bring them all to life in 3D! Choose the dimensions of your room and customize everything from flooring and wall treatments to furniture and accessories. When you’re done share your designs with other crashers in the design crasher community!


We believe the full potential of creative minds remains untapped due to expensive software licenses, complicated tools and a lack of community. We also know that some of the most creative people have difficulty in traditional social settings. Our family of apps aims to break those barriers and give everyone the opportunity to create amazing things.


A place where creators of all sorts can come together to build, share and be inspired to bring their designs to life.

About Crasher Team

The Creative Crashers family of apps is a product of Agora Designs based in California. We are a global team of crashers from all walks of life. Creatives, marketers, students and young entrepreneurs work to make our products better every day.

How to Create Projects



Design Crasher 3D App

Design Crasher 3D App

Design Crasher is the app for all creatives. Get inspired and work together with your favorite designers to co-create new spaces. Customize every room with real furniture and accessories. When you’re done – share it with other designers and do it all over again!

Create – it’s in the name

Create imaginary rooms or use the dimensions of your existing space to recreate a 3D model in Design Crasher. Choose from a variety of flooring, wall treatment and furniture styles to see what works best. Stuck? Be inspired by crashing fellow designers and cloning their designs for your space. Don’t forget to check out your space in 3D viewer mode to bring it to life!

Crash & be crashed

Design Crasher is about community. Find the crashers that inspire your creativity and crash them. When you crash someone on DC you’ll see their latest designs, who they are crashing and view their updates. Have a question or comment? Let crashers know what you think of their designs under each post.